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Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Margaret Atwood Visits Southwestern University

My husband and I, Carla, and Bep and her daughter were there. Margaret Atwood is a small thin woman but full of fun and amazingly bright! She talked about her visit at Southwestern and traveling and then read two fairly long sections from her new book, Oryx and Crake (which I am now in the middle of and totally enjoying). She's a great reader! Of course! I would have preferred more autobiographical information, but I enjoyed the readings because the book is good!

Then she answered questions from the audience. She was very sharp and clever and funny! You could tell she had an outstanding mind and sense of humor. Even if she does answer similar questions wherever she goes, her answers were somewhat amazing for unrehearsed material. Someone asked her what led her to write Alias Grace, and she explained how she had heard about the sketchy history of the woman and she researched the story; she was intrigued by the complex interweaving of several people's stories and the lack of historical detail, so she created the potential history that might have happened.

Atwood would be a wonderful teacher! She seems very wise and wonderful!

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