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Monday, May 3, 2004

Alamo House Reminds Me of Animal House

Those of us who were at the book discussion group last month all admitted to having read at least some of Alamo House, by Sarah Bird.  Most of us seemed to have read most or all of it!  As for those who were not there - it would have been worth admitting you read it, to hear the discussion!

A few months ago, Carla was saying she wanted to read Alamo House and couldn't find it anywhere. It was out of print and lost at the library. I had my husband get a copy from the Austin library.  I looked at it and decided I didn't want to read it!  I loaned it to Carla but didn't read it. 

Some of us thought the characters were too flawed to be interesting and the story not uplifting in any way, and thus, a waste of time. The subject matter didn't interest me at all!  But, when I read the book, Sarah Bird's turn of phrase and little sarcastic remarks really did make me laugh!

Earlier from me to group:

So, are you enjoying Alamo House?  Look for the laughs!  If you are having problems with it, just think of all the fun comments you can make at the meeting  I imagine this one will bring out some varied opinions.

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