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Friday, December 8, 2006

Our Alibi was Our Holiday Party

So, what did you think of Alibi, by Joseph Kanon? Everyone at the discussion enjoyed it, not just because we were discussing it at our wonderful and delicious holiday party! Several members said they were glad they read it. This was another book club surprise, a book most of us wouldn't have chosen to read on our own but one that turned out to be surprisingly good. We discussed the characters, the themes, and some possible implications in the story that weren't stated. We discussed Venice, too, which does seem to be an interesting place that is badly in need of modernization. One of the themes of the story was morals; many characters in the story killed people, but each character felt that they were a moral person. What did you think? Another theme was war, and the long-term ramifications, such as giving people moral choices combined with life/death choices and creating havoc for more years than anyone knows. We talked about some possibilities that might be fun to entertain were you to read the book a second time but were too complicated to figure out at our discussion…such as the possibility of the Adam being the son of Gianni.

The book was a great one for discussion – lots there! A new movie is about to be released of another book by the same author – The Good German, with George Clooney. I saw the coming attractions and it looks good. It seems to be in black & white. Kind of synchronicity that our group read Alibi without knowing that the author was considered so highly!

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