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Sunday, November 16, 2008

How to Use This Blog

If you scroll down, you will see a welcome post (a message on the blog is called a "post"), very similar to the one at the top of the blog. I posted this welcome post when I first worked on the blog. Then I decided to put the welcome message in with the title, so it would stay on top. Because, you see, the most recent post (this one) goes on top. That's one of the important things to understand. Posts will appear on the blog in the order they were posted, with the most recent one on top.

You can post to this blog! You are not required to post, but if you are having thoughts about a book, or anything we might all be interested in, you can post here without sending the message to anyone's personal email address. I encourage you to post! The more the merrier!

For posting, you have a choice as to whether to use our new group email address ( or your own gmail address. I have sent you the password for our book club gmail address. You must use a gmail address to post. You can create a gmail address at To keep anyone outside of our group from being able to post, I have set up some security features. Therefore, if you are using a gmail address other than, you will need to give me your gmail address before you can post. Then I will add you to the list of team members who can post to the blog. I have already added your gmail address if you who have already given it to me as the address you use to receive book club emails.

To post, you need to sign in. If you are reading the blog and you have something you want to add, you can either add a "comment" at the end of one of the posts (click on "comments"), or you can add a fresh post. To add a new post, go to the very top of the blog, and on the right, click on "sign in." Then click on "new post" next to where you clicked on "sign in" (it will now say "sign out" instead of "sign in"). I think most of you can figure it out from there. If you have trouble, feel free to phone me or email me.

Remember to save occasionally. If you go click on "view blog" (above on left) while writing a post, what you have written will be lost unless you have saved it. If you save and then look at the blog, you can find your saved draft by going to the top right and clicking on "new post" and then on the left clicking on "edit posts." Then you'll see your saved draft and you can continue working on it.

If you post using the book club gmail address above, please note on the post who you are, because many of you will be using the same email address.

This is secure and will not bring you spam or compromise your email address in any way.

Try it! Don't worry about mistakes - they only take a moment to read and won't bother anyone. Let me know via email if you have any problems with posting.

I will keep this as the instructions for posting, and I will update it if needed.

Please also let me know if you find mistakes I need to correct.

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