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Sunday, December 21, 2008

This new blog is a great idea, Claudia!
I think we all had a great time at Jennifer's. She throws a great party! I really enjoyed the book discussion, as I usuallly do. I thoroughly enjoyed the book (I'm one of the 50% who did!), though I must admit, by the end of the book I didn't give a fig WHO the murderer was!!! I did think it was a rather weak ending. Why would Olive be the murderer, other than for most of the book the arrow was pointing to Butterfly, and when that fell through about 3/4 of the way through, and you were supposed to think it was Stork, you knew it must be Olive, just because you were supposed to think it was Stork. I got to hoping at one point it was Hasan! Now that would have been more interesting! At least he killed Olive in the end, and there was the twist that he did it because Olive carried the daggar that belonged to Shevket's father, that Black had taken from him, and Olive had used to stab Black. The book could get very tedious at times, but by sticking with it, it was worth the read, I think.

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ClaudiaH said...

I am Claudia. Thanks for the post! I also thought there was little reason for Olive to be the murderer. I never saw as much difference between the 3 as you did. I did think Stork was the most likely of the 3 because of a few aspects of his personality that were mentioned. He seemed to be aggressive and unscrupulous. I considered Hasan, too, and close to the end I was thinking of Osman a lot as a possibility.