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Monday, January 26, 2009

Mark My Words

From Claudia: In an article called "Mark My Words!" which was sent to me from somewhere on the Internet, a Roger Mummert explains the origin of the idiom, "mark my words," and uses John Adams as an example! I thought the John Adams connection was particularly interesting, since our group read the David McCullough Adams biography (in 2002 - was it that long ago?!). Recently, I watched the newer miniseries about John Adams, which was also excellent; but I digress.

According to Mummert, for most of history, the custom was to make notations in books rather than to keep the margins clean as in modern times. People read their books carefully and noted all their thoughts, agreements, and opposing opinions in the margins. Whence the expression, "mark my words!" Mummert says that John Adams was a "prodigious" scribbler in books and often criticized the authors in his margins, calling them idiots and writing insults about them in his margin notes...which seems to be in character with biographical information about Adams' personality!

Click here to read the article.

Mark my words: Please post anything you think would be interesting to our book group! How about some reviews of books you recommend?

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