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Monday, February 16, 2009

Article about Nickel & Dimed

Remember reading Nickel and Dimed, by Barbara Ehrenreich? We read and discussed it in May of 2005. It's about the working poor. The author worked various nonskilled jobs and tried to live on her earnings and then wrote the book. She had a rather scathing section on working at WalMart.

In a blog recently (Feb 1), someone wrote about some time he spent working at WalMart. He pans Nickel and Dimed. You might find his article interesting. And then, perhaps even more know how we have a comments section after each post on this blog? Well, 341 people have written comments on the blog post that this man wrote!

In case you want to fall into the Internet hole and read a while, here's a link to the blog post

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Regarding Nickel & Dimed. Did you see 20 20 last night? John Stossel interviewed Adam Shepard, 25, who did an experiment starting with $25 in Charleston South Carolina - and did well! He had read Nickel & Dimed in college and wanted to "discover for himself if the American Dream is still alive". He wrote a book about his experience - Scratch Beginnings. I never read Nickel & Dimed, but I think I'll try Scratch Beginnings, i.e. the positive perspective.