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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nabokov Bibliography

Ada or Ardor: A Family Chronicle
Bend Sinister
The Defense
The Enchanter
The Eye
The Gift
Invitation to a Beheading
King, Queen, Knave
Laughter in the Dark
Lectures on Don Quixote
Lectures on Literature
Lectures on Russian Literature
Lolita: A Screenplay
Look at the Harlequins!
The Man from the USSR & Other Plays
Nikolai Gogol
Pale Fire
Poems and Problems
The Real Life of Sebastian Knight
Speak Memory: An Autobiography Revisited (aka Conclusive Evidence)
The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov
Strong Opinions
Transparent Things
The Waltz Invention

trans. The Song of Igor’s Campaign: An Epic of the Twelfth Century
trans. Three Russian Poets


Anonymous said...

It might be a good idea if among these you could find one with a main character who doesn't have as a mentioned trait the requirement for sex every 48 hours...just in case anyone doesn't get how special a writer N was. :)
Claudia testing the anonymous comments capability.

Atrox said...

Pnin is about a professor of the same name at a college much like Cornell, although as the book goes on, the narrator gradually seems to push Pnin out of the picture.

Bend Sinister is on the followers of a philosophy of sameness and the politics of "The Party of the Average Man". A dystopia, published in 1947.

Transparent Things is a short novel about an American editor's four trips to Switzerland, and deals in part with Nabokov's recurrent themes of time and memory.