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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Books for Texans Book Club - join now to vote for next 6 months books!!

Posted by Pam Fuchs.
I love our book club, but if you have a particular interest in books related to Texas, fiction and nonfiction, now's the time to ALSO join [free] the Books for Texans Book Club. Meets monthly, 3rd Tuesday at the Georgetown Public Library. Sponsored by the Williamson Museum.

The reason to get involved now is because you have until Monday 12/7 to submit 2 recommendations for books the group would read Jan thru Jun 2009, then vote for your 6 favorites from the compiled of all recommendations; the top-6-most-vote-getting books will be read during those months.

If you read this after 12/7 but before 12/15, you still have an opportunity to attend the 12/15 meeting and vote.

More details:
The next Books for Texans meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 15, in the Hewlett Room at the Georgetown Public Library at 7:00 p.m. December's book selection is "True Women" by Janice Woods Windle. Refreshments will be special offerings from the "True Women Cookbook".
Book Recommendation Deadline
The deadline to recommend books for the next 6 months is Monday, December 7. Mickie Ross will put all of the recommendations together in an email early next week and we will vote at the December meeting. If you are not able to attend the meeting, you can send your vote by email to before 6:00 pm on December 15. Below is the information on how the book selection process works.
Step 1: Submit suggestions.
Our first step is getting input on what you would like to read January thru June. We hope each of you will propose up to two books for consideration. If you have already submitted forms, we will include them in our considerations.

To submit suggestions:
- Use the Book Recommendation Form [at, click on Books for Texans Book Club ]and complete as much information as possible about each book. Email your forms to no later than Monday 12/7.

Step 2: Email list of suggested books to members.
This list, with information about each book, will be emailed the week before the meeting. Members will have time to review and consider which books they wish to vote for.

Step 3: Vote on book choices.
Each member will vote for 6 books - on or before December 15th.
Voting will take place at the December 15th meeting. The 6 books with the most votes will be the winners.
Step 4: Winning book choices announced.
Winners will be announced at the December 15th meeting. The winner with the least number of pages will be our January read. Museum staff will determine the order of the remaining 5 months of books and email list.

Requirements for books proposed:
1. Must be about Texas and can be fiction or nonfiction.
2. Must be readily available and paperback.

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David A. Bedford said...

I really like what you are doing in your club. My new release, Angela 1: Starting Over can't meet your requirements because it's not paperback. It is set in coastal Texas and Texan readers will love it, so I just want to let people know about it. To find out more, just click on my name and follow the link to my website. I also invite you to read my blog at