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Monday, March 19, 2012


I mentioned the writer's group nicknamed The Scribblies in our book club meeting. For those interested in exploring them, here are a few titles.

Pamela Dean wrote The Secret Country trilogy, a fantasy series that I highly recommend for youngsters and the young at heart. Also Tam Lin, a wonderful interpretation of the Scottish fairy story. Emma Bull (Territory, about the participants of the gunfight at the OK Corral) wrote the prize-winning Bone Dance and War for the Oaks. Her husband, Will Shetterly, wrote Cats Have No Lord, Dogland, and many others. He also ran for Governor of Minnesota (who hasn't?). Steven Brust has written a marvelous series of novels about Vlad Taltos, an assassin. Patricia Wrede has churned out great YA fantasies; the first novels in three different fabulous series are Shadow Magic, Dealing With Dragons, and Mairelon the Magician. Kara Dalkey has novels and short stories in diverse settings; if I had to pick one for you, it would be The Nightingale. All of them have contributed to a fascinating shared-world series called Liavek; check out those stories, for sure.

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