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Friday, June 8, 2012

Robert Payne, one of the authors, speaks on "Earhart's Flight Into Yesterday: the facts without the fiction

If you have not been to the Williamson Museum's Free Monthly "Salon at Wildfire" you're in for a treat.

June, 2012 speaker: Robert R. "Bob" Payne.
Topic: Earhart's Mystery
Book: Earhart's Flight Into Yesterday: the facts without the fiction by Laurance F. Safford with Cameron A. Warren & Robert R. Payne (c2003), Padadwr Press, McLean VA USA
Wikipedia says the book was based on Laurance Safford's "...lengthy analysis of the 1937 flight across the Pacific on which Amelia Earhart disappeared, and after establishing the intricate radio transmission documentation he concluded poor planning, worse execution. ..." 
Where: The Williamson Museum, 716 S. Austin Ave., Georgetown, TX
When: Wednesday, June 13, 6:30pm but ARRIVE EARLY (see below) 
ARRIVE EARLY (5:45 is usually fine) to be assured a seat and to order good/drink (optional). The tables are round and each seat approx 7 people.

I will send an email to all local book club members (using Claudia's email list) and include my contact information for those wanting to join me in attending.
Posted by Pam Fuchs Jun 8th.

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Atrox said...

Payne was a very entertaining speaker, so I will have to get to one of his tours of the Williamson County Courthouse. And of course the food at Wildfire is always terrific.