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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Matching Quiz - Garden of the Beasts

The Garden of the Beasts
(Find the best match on the right for each item on the left.
For answers send email to 

Ernst “Putzi” Hanfstaengl     
Paul von Hindenburg             
Franz von Papen                                
Boris Winograclov                
Martha Dodd                         
Thomas Jefferson                  
Ernst Rohm                            
Heinrich Himmler                 
Rudolf Dials                          
Hermann Goering                  
Joseph Goebbels                      
Rudolf Hess                           
George Messersmith             
Woodrow Wilson                  
Ernst Udet                              
Karl Ernst                              
Night of Long Knives
William Dodd, Senior                       
Cordell Hull                           
Bella Fromm                         
Mildred Fish Harmack          
Walter Gropuis                      
Sigrid Schultz                        
Nazi Policy                            
George Bassett                      
Alfred Stern                           
Adolf Hitler                                       
Konstantin von Neurath                    
William Shirer
Hasty Pudding Club
German gaze
Fritz Haber
Rise & Fall of Third Reich
Head of SS and Reichswehr
Large country estate, Long Knives
American Woman’s Club friend
From neutrality to WWI involvement
Turning Point
Head of the U.S. Consulate in Germany
Half German, half American
Limited government
Harvard privileged class
Chicago Tribune Correspondent
Berlin SA, would-be honeymooner
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Jeffersonian democrat
Secretary of State
Hand kisser
Regular army
Vice Chancellor, Negative speech
German architect
Head check
“Old Gentleman” head of state
Hottest lover
Minister of Propaganda
Head of Gestapo
Chlorine gas
Garden of Beasts
Head of SA
Trusted aid
Society Columnist
WWI flying ace, Sowing the Wind

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